An uncoated cover stock paper was selected to make the brochures softer to the touch. The paper also mutes the colors slightly lending a degree of understatement. This approach was intended to be refreshing In a market filled with high-gloss bids for customers' attention.
St. George, Utah brochure interior
Copy for the brochures was written to emphasize the three major components of The Falls Event Center value proposition: elegance, affordability and flexibility. Affordability is mentioned, but the more emotional components take center stage. The elegance of the facilities is showcased mostly in the images while the text underscores customers' freedom to create their event as they have envisioned it.
Elk Grove, California brochure interior
Fresno, California brochure interior (with pre-open renderings)
Project team: Kamon Walker, Wendy Parker
Cover image: AK Studio & Design

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